Worms Rumble Crossplay Open Beta

Worms Rumble is due to squirm out on December 1st, offering a new real-time arena installment in Team17's invertebrate combat series. There's now a crossplay beta that will run until Monday at 3:00 am EST to help test out the game's cross-platform support between PC and PlayStation 4. The Windows edition is a playable demo found on Steam. A new trailer shows off the game's battle royale mode and a new arena. If you are looking for an edge, a post on the PlayStation.Blog features "7 tips to dominate this weekend's Worms Rumble open beta." Here are details on the beta test:
The open beta features a broad set of weapons for players to wreak havoc with, including the newly announced Sheep Launcher; Hammerhead; Sentry Turret; Plasma Blaster; and Rocket Shield, as well as supporting items like Grapple Guns and Jetpacks. Pre-orders for Worms Rumble are now available on Steam, providing players with a plethora of exclusive cosmetic items, including an exclusive outfit, beanie, skin pattern, baseball bat skin, player banner, and challenge title.

Worms Rumble Key Features:

  • Real-time, frantic, 32-player action: Worms Rumble makes history as the first game in the series to introduce real-time strategic combat and object destruction
  • Get more targets with crossplay matchmaking: Whether on PS4, PS5, or PC, players can battle against players from all other platforms
  • Make your Worm its own: No Worms game would be complete without cosmetics and personalisation, ranging from outfits and hats to skins for your worm and weapons they wield
  • Lock and load your arsenal: Crates across the maps contain a host of weapons and items, including fan favourites like the Sheep Launcher, Holy Hand Grenade, and Grapple Gun.