New Outward DLC in December

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio announce The Three Brothers, a second DLC coming to Outward, their open-world RPG. This is inbound to the PC edition of Outward in December and will come to consoles early next year. Here's the plan:
The gates are opening and the path leads to “Caldera,” an entirely new region in the world of Aurai which is full of new adventures, dangers and secrets to explore.

Play an important role in the timeline of Aurai and join the rebuilding efforts of the old Sirocco refugee camp by providing the struggling folks there a new place to call home - a new Sirocco. Filled with new quests, skills, weapons, recipes and pets, “The Three Brothers” DLC promises a slew of fresh content for the intrepid adventurer.

Check-out below for a few of the new features, more to follow soon:

City Building Mechanic: Rebuilding Sirocco
Create your own landmark in Aurai by helping the population to survive in this ruthless world. With the new City Building mechanic, you are part of rebuilding the Refugee Camp into New Sirocco

New Area: Caldera
Aurai is expanding and Caldera is more than just a new landscape. New dungeons, quests and locations make it a treasure trove for every adventurer

New skills, weapons and more
One new skill tree, grenades, and numerous possibilities to enchant your weapons give you the tools to be more creative when it comes to the fight for survival

Relight your lantern and prepare to hit the road once again in December 2020.