Billy Mitchell Defamation Lawsuit Against Twin Galaxies to Continue

Billy Mitchell announces he prevailed in court today against the anti-SLAPP motion filed earlier this year by Twin Galaxies to end his defamation lawsuit against them over their removal of his high-score records due to allegations of cheating. Here's his statement:
Today, October 28, 2020, I officially defeated Twin Galaxies in court in its misguided attempts to prevent me from having my day in court on my defamation claims. On March 30, 2020, 20 galaxies filed an anti-SLAPP motion against me, alleging that my defamation lawsuit was a "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation" meant to silence freedom of speech. To defeat the anti-SLAPP motion, I needed to prove that I had a "probability" of winning my lawsuit and hence that it should be heard in court by a jury. I did exactly that.

I achieved my high scores in public venues on arcade hardware with numerous eyewitnesses, referees, and on hardware personally verified by the Senior Engineer of Nintendo.

Donkey Kong 1,047,200 points (the King of Kong "tape")
Donkey Kong 1,050,200 points (Mortgage Brokers Score)
Donkey Kong 1,062,800 points (Boomer's Score)

To this day, I still retain a box utilized by Nintendo to ship me the hardware. After reviewing this evidence, the court properly denied Twin Galaxies' anti-SLAPP motion, concluding that we have met the necessary requirements to sue for defamation, including a prima facie case that the statements were false and made with the actual malice.

Never Surrender,
Billy Mitchell