Signs of Life at Monolith

The WB Games Jobs Page lists several open positions at Monolith Productions (thanks ResetEra). This is the first known activity from the developer since the release of Middle Earth Shadow of War three years ago. A series of tweets from MauroNL picks out a the relevant details:
A job listing for an associate UI designer describes it as "our next big gaming innovation". Should you land this job, some of the tasks are "helping create menus, icons, stats/inventory screens, in-game HUD elements, and animated motion graphics".

The game looks to use Monolith's own engine and tools, as all the work needs to "implement UI content into Monolith Productions Propriety engine using in-house tools." This in-house engine also looks to be upgraded as a software engineer job listings is looking for somebody that helps "building cutting-edge technology and powering the development of Monolith's next generation of console and PC games." The third job listing is for a character systems designer. This person is to make systems that "drive innovative interactions and behaviors between the player and non-player characters." This applicant is required to have experience in 3D open world action games, so we might be looking at an open world title. Another interesting requirement is a "Strong understanding of modern pop culture trends within the entertainment industry with an ability to successfully apply to UI art style as needed." 6/6