Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Netcode Analysis

Call of Duty Cold War Beta Netcode Analysis is a video offering a look at multiplayer support in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta. MP1st has pulled some relevant details from the clip:
Based on Battle(non)sense’s data from the beta, smaller game modes (traditional 6v6 and custom matches) will use a mix of dedicated and P2P servers, while bigger modes like Combined Arms, Dirty Bomb, etc., will run on dedicated servers (given the game won’t be able to handle it if it didn’t run on dedicated servers compleltely due to the high volume of players involved).

In addition to that, he found out that the Dirty Bomb game mode, as well as Combined Arms, both ran at 20hz tick servers!

Fortunately, the smaller 6v6 modes like VIP Escort, Domination, etc., all ran at 50hz servers. While that number is higher, do note that the Battlefield franchise has used 60hz servers since 2015, and that game has 64-player matches, destruction, vehicles, and more (something this particular YouTuber pointed out as well).