ARK: Survival Evolved Halloween Event

Studio Wildcard announces the ARK: Fear Evolved 4 event is now underway in ARK: Survival Evolved to celebrate Halloween in the dinosaur survival game. Here's what this involves:
During the ARK: Fear Evolved 4 event, players will get 2X Experience, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation). In addition to many fan favorites from past Fear Evolved events, survivors will find themselves on the hunt for 11 new spooky themed chibis’ to add to their growing collection, seven new ghostly dinosaur skins and other rawrsome fun, including:

  • Scary Dino Encounters: Take on the DodoWyvern and DodoRex bosses who lead the scary band of creatures found during Spooktober on the ARK!
  • Spooky Chibis: Collect the 11 new event chibis, including Skeletal Rex, Bone Wyvern, Skeletal Stego, even adding a Zombie Wyvern to your collection!
  • Ghost Creature Skins: Find a Ghost Creature in the wild and after you kill it, get the skin to add to your creature. Available for Reaper, Bulbdog, Rex, Basilisk, Snow Owl, Mantis, and Direwolf.
  • Creepy Emotes: Choose from five event emotes, including new Knock and Scare expressions to spook your friends.
  • Festive Clothing: Pick your favorite Halloween themed Hawaiian shirt or swimsuit, including new stylish Reaper and Jack o’ Lantern swimsuits.
  • Special Creature Event Colors: This year’s colors now include Vermillion, Actual Black, Midnight Blue, Medium Autumn, Dark Warm Gray, Orange, Dark Lavender, and Jade.