BlazeSky Launches Out of Early Access

Early Access for BlazeSky has now concluded, offering the full release of this action/RPG set in space, where no one can hear you blazesky a doobiesky. This game from one-man studio Double Robot is now officially available on Steam. A look at what to expect can be found in the Access Trailer from a couple of months ago. Here's a full description:
From the one-man development studio, Double Robot, comes a Rebel Galaxy and Drifter inspired action RPG: BlazeSky. Having officially launched on Steam, this open-world space adventure blends simple gameplay and controls, beautifully handcrafted star systems and 25 hours of fully voice-acted gameplay, into a single player story-driven experience.

Whether you’re exploring the blue wastes of Centauri, the asteroid fields of Lookout, or the sun-soaked Mozzed; where you fly, and what missions you undertake, is up to you. Featuring a rich story inspired by both traditional and modern science fiction, and the timeless gameplay of classic sci-fi titles, BlazeSky allows you to pursue ancient mysteries and discover unique alien races as you decide on which path to take through the stars.

Key Features:

  • 30 stunning hand-crafted star systems
  • 50 playable ships, each with unique aesthetics and characteristics
  • Over 25 hours of story-driven gameplay
  • Wide range of weaponry to customize your ship with
  • A dozen NPC allies nestled within a variety of starbases who’ll propel your story forwards
  • Fight against a galaxy of original enemies, made up of murderous raiders, alien races, invaders from another reality, and sinister AI
  • Simple, accessible controls in a 2.5D setting