Super Meat Boy Forever

Diamonds are forever, and apparently so is Super Meat Boy, as Team Meat is gearing up to announce release plans for Super Meat Boy Forever. This celebrates today's tenth anniversary of the launch of the indie platformer, though the PC edition trailed by more than a month. They promise a live stream tonight at 10:30 pm EDT on Twitch, but it looks like this already happened this morning. Here's word on the game:
The challenge of Super Meat Boy returns in Super Meat Boy Forever! Levels are brutal, death is inevitable, and players will get that sweet feeling of accomplishment upon beating a level. Players will run, jump, punch and kick their way through familiar settings and totally new worlds.

What’s better than playing through Super Meat Boy Forever once? The answer is simple: Playing through Super Meat Boy Forever several times and having new levels to play each time! Levels are randomly generated and each time the game is completed the option to replay the game appears and generates a whole new experience for players by presenting different levels with their own unique secret locations. We’ve handcrafted literally thousands of levels for players to enjoy and conquer. You can replay Super Meat Boy Forever from start to finish several times before ever seeing a duplicate level. It is truly a remarkable feat of engineering and a monumental example of ignoring the limits of rational game design and production.

They don’t give Oscars to games, but they probably will after Super Meat Boy Forever becomes the best movie of 2020 and 2021! Our story takes Meat Boy and Bandage Girl through several worlds in search of their darling little Nugget with beautifully animated cutscenes and musical accompaniment that makes Citizen Kane look like a reaction video to a sled unboxing. Players will laugh, they will cry, and when all is said and done maybe they’ll emerge from the experience a little better than when they started. Okay, so that last part probably won’t happen.

Super Meat Boy Forever will launch when it’s ready on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We promise it won’t be another 10 years!