DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One Released

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One is now available for Windows on Steam, offering new content for the latest installment in id Software's venerable first-person shooter series. This is a standalone release which is included in the Year One Pass, but does not require ownership of the base game for newcomers. This kicks off the game's campaign expansion, adds features to Battlemode, and more. It also comes along with new features and quality of life improvements for DOOM Eternal as well. This post has the previously released Official Trailer and all the details, including word on the game's Thanksgibbing event and new options to report toxic players. Here's a bit:
New Mission
Experience a new mission in your eternal fight against evil. Unleash your vengeance and face your greatest test as you march back to the Maykr’s realm. Defeat powerful new threats, restore order to the heavens and unearth the corruption that has thrown the universe into chaos.

New Locations
From the industrial rain-swept decks of the oceanic UAC Atlantica Facility on Earth to the corpse littered Blood Swamps of Hell to the crumbling ruins of a demon-infested Urdak, you will visit epic new locations to eviscerate the armies of Hell.

New Enemies
Change your tactics as you face Hell’s newest threats that add more depth and challenge to combat. Face the Spirit, an ethereal enemy that buffs other demons with added strength and speed, and the Blood Maykr – a corrupted Maykr Angel armed with a powerful staff that can be hurled with thunderbolt force.