New Windows 10 Game Bar Rolling Out

Windows Latest has details on a new Windows 10's Task Manager for gaming that Microsoft is now rolling out (thanks Bleeping Computer via RedEye9). Here are details on how this will allow players to take better control of their systems:
This week, Microsoft has started to rollout XBOX Game Bar version 5.420.9252.0 to all Windows 10 users via the Microsoft Store.

When installed, the Game Bar will display a 'What's New - October' message that explains how to use the new 'Resources' task manager widget.

"The new Resources widget helps you identify and manage which apps are using system resources like CPU, GPU, RAM and Disk. At a glance, or digging into the details, be sure you're making the most of your system without leaving the game," Microsoft states in the release notes for Xbox Gamebar 5.420.9252.0.