Op Ed

  • What Culture - The Problem Nobody Wants To Admit About Star Wars Games.
    "However, whether it's a retro shooter or modern adventure title under the microscope, there seems to be one major thing virtually all Star Wars games have in common: much like Han Solo, they seem to shoot first and ask questions later. While this does undoubtedly make for great gameplay, has the action-heavy direction of Star Wars games limited the scope of the franchise over the years? Has it actually had a negative impact overall? And what does this trend mean for the future of Star Wars games?"

  • Escapist Magazine - Genshin Impact Fixes the Gacha Genre.
    "Gacha games mix the monetary element with the core progression of the game — which is a massive red flag based on its description. Fire Emblem Heroes for example is the mobile spinoff of the Fire Emblem series, one of my favorite turn-based tactics games. The units you normally add to your party through story progress are “summoned” using in-game currency that you collect through daily logins, completing missions, or paying real money to obtain. While the game is a simplified version of the series, I found it fun, yet I couldn’t meaningfully complete some missions without stronger units that were gated by the gacha system. Yes, there are free ways to power up whatever units you do have, but these were usually time-consuming and grind-heavy in nature."