Super Huey III Re-release

Ziggurat Interactive now offers their promised re-release of Super Huey III on and Steam. This helicopter simulation from 2003 is updated to work on Windows 10 systems. It also includes updated graphics, though this trailer shows it remains fairly true to the original. Here's a refresher:
Released in 2003, Super Huey™ III takes everything players loved about the original releases in the Super Huey™ series and adds more — more guns, more missions, more maps, and more action! Drop into warzones across 35 missions featuring search-and-rescue missions, air-to-air combat, and air-to-ground combat. Switch between deadly computer-guided rockets, flamethrowers, smart bombs, and a Gatling gun to destroy tank columns, enemy helicopters, and patrol vehicles. Don’t forget to change your view to “missile cam” so you can watch your ordinance make contact with its target! With a first-person in-cockpit view, Super Huey™ III is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re right in the thick of battle!

Features of Super Huey™ III include:

  • More than 35 intense missions: Once you’ve finished your training missions, it’s time to dive-bomb into the real action as you'll fly 33 main missions featuring air-to-land and air-to-air combat, plus search-and-rescue objectives. Three Bonus Missions await for those that can conquer the main campaign!
  • A Flying Arsenal: Putting the “Super” in Super Huey™, your bird is armed with a computer-assisted rocket launcher, Gatling gun, flame thrower, and smart bombs that when used properly, will make quick work of enemy choppers, tanks, patrol cars, and air balloons.
  • Eyes on the Prize: Choose between cockpit view and multiple exterior perspectives as you carry out your mission, including the "missile cam" view that flies with your shot to its target. Super Huey III lets you experience the destruction from all angles!
  • Get Real: Your chopper's realistic onboard displays provide vital information such as airspeed, altitude, radar-assisted target location, and the current state of your arsenal of weapons, rounds of ammunition, and fuel reserves.
  • Enhanced edition: New updates to the game by the original developers of Super Huey™ III features improvements to the game's graphics and user interface.