Gonner2 Next Week

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Art in Heart announce October 22nd is the release date for Gonner 2, the action/platformer sequel for Windows, Xbox One, and Switch. The PC edition will land on GOG.com and Steam, and this post on Steam has details on the release along with this trailer celebrating the news. Here's more on the follow-up to GoNNER, which won the 2017 IGF award for best audio:
GONNER2 is a messily cute, procedurally generated action-platformer featuring roguelike elements that will keep you on your toes at all times. Wake your inner child as you fly across candy-colored levels shooting everything that moves and pulling off wild acrobatic kills.

Each time you play, GONNER2 changes up the experience with new challenges, bosses and secrets to discover, along with new heads, weapons and upgrades. The sequel features even more bombastic visuals and chaos than the original and introduces local party co-op for up to four players!