Marvel's Avengers DLC Delayed

A post on the Square Enix Website outlines the latest from developer Crystal Dynamics on Marvel's Avengers, including plans to delay the game's launch for next generation consoles until next year and how they will be patching some of the issues that have popped up since the launch. To thank their playerbase, they outline a digital thank you bundle coming to all players on October 22nd. They also expand upon their commitment to provide players with more content going forward. But they also offer a disappointment in that area as well, saying plans to release the first DLC for the game have suffered a setback.
Moving forward, we intend to have a fixed, predictable patching cycle to ensure all new content meets both our and your high standards and has time for extensive internal testing. We know fans are hungry for new content, but delivering a fun experience is our priority. With this in mind, we’ve decided to push Kate Bishop’s Operation launch back a bit, out of October. We’re sorry for this slight delay, but we are dedicated as a team to quality first.

Kate’s new Operation will be a must-play for fans wanting to know what’s next in the story! In Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop — Taking AIM, Tachyon Rifts become a harbinger of a new threat. As players investigate the source of them, they will pick up on a story that begins shortly after the conclusion of the Reassemble campaign. Then comes Clint (we’ll have more information on him later) and looking into 2021, our biggest Avengers Initiative addition yet will introduce a new Hero, region, and narrative arc.