Noita Leaves Early Access

If you've been waiting until Early Access concluded for Noita before trying it, this is noita problem any longer, as this magical action roguelite is now officially available for Windows on,, and Steam. This carries a 20% discount for the first week. Noita is the brainchild of three developers who have created award-winning games as solo projects, including Seumas McNally Grand Prize winner Crayon Physics Deluxe. The official launch includes the game's biggest update yet, adding new enemies, perks, music, and over 20 spells, along with game improvements, bug fixes, and Twitch integration. You can get a look at the game in this Launch Trailer and read on for more:
Noita is a magical action roguelite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. Fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze and evaporate your way through the procedurally generated world using spells you've created yourself. Explore a variety of environments ranging from coal mines to freezing wastelands while delving deeper in search for unknown mysteries.

  • Pixel-based physics: Every pixel in the world is simulated. Burn, explode or met anything. Swim in the blood of your foes! Enter a simulated world that is more interactive than anything you've seen before.
  • Your own magic: Create new spells as you delve deeper into the caverns. Use magic to crush your enemies and manipulate the world around you.
  • Procedurally generated world: Explore a unique world every time you play. Discover new environments as you adventure deeper.
  • Action roguelite: Death is permanent and always a looming threat. When you die, don’t despair, use what you’ve learned to get further on your next adventure.