Quintus and the Absent Truth - Chapter One and Two

Quintus and the Absent Truth - Chapter One is now available on Steam for free along with Chapter Two, which is offered as paid DLC for USD$4.99. This is a horror/adventure game featuring a man and a mouse which had an unsuccessful Kickstarter during the summer. Developer Wreck Tangle Games says Chapter Three is "well into development." Here's a Chapter Two Release Trailer, and here's more on the game:
The game follows failing musician Alan Shaw as he tries to find his Daughter, Lydia, who has mysteriously gone missing. A common synopsis in movies and games but this is no traditionally lonely adventure, as Alan is accompanied by his intelligent pet mouse, Quintus.

Quintus can be used to help Alan in all manner of ways, from reaching areas that Alan’s hands cannot (to grab items or activate buttons), to providing useful hints and objectives throughout the game.

The graphical style really makes Quintus and the Absent Truth stand out too, taking a unique view on how to place players in the dark. Most horror games put you in pitch black, throw you a flashlight and build up tension that way, but Quintus takes the opposite route. When plunged in darkness, you can still see the outlines of the environment in front of you, and when the lights are turned on, these outlines are filled in with textures and materials.

This makes for a truly unique visual style, that still emits the feeling of a cold and horrifying ambience.