EA: No Plans for Star Wars: Squadrons DLC

The Star Wars movies are all about the sequels, but a post on Upload VR quotes EA as saying they have no plans for DLC for Star Wars: Squadrons, their newly released starfighter game (thanks VG247). Creative Director Ian Frazier also tells them there are no plans for a standalone edition for Oculus Quest:
“Never say never, so to speak, but as far as our philosophy goes we’re not trying to treat the game as a live service,” says Ian Frazier, Creative Director on Star Wars: Squadrons. “We don’t want to say, ‘It’s almost done!’ and then dribble out more of it over time, which to be honest is how most games work these days. So we’ve tried to treat it in kind of an old-school approach saying, ‘You’ve paid the $40, this is the game and it’s entirely self-contained. We’re not planning to add more content, this is the game, and we hope you understand the value proposition.'”

“From pretty early on we wanted to be a space combat game, emphasis on space,” says Frazier. “So even though we do go into the outer atmosphere of Yavin Prime, we never go anywhere truly terrestrial because we wanted to separate the game in that flavor from something like Battlefront, which we already have. “

“No plans at this time,” says Frazier. “Obviously if you have the Oculus Quest and Link with a PC that has sufficient requirements you can run a Quest off of your PC, but as a standalone thing, no plans at this time.”