Untale: King of Revinia This Year

Untale: King of Revinia is a medieval visual novel for Windows and Linux that's planned for release later this year. This is coming to Steam where there's a playable demo you can experience right now. MonumentPointStudio promises 13+ unique endings and 40+ hours of gameplay, showing off a bit of what to expect in this trailer. Here's word:
Medieval Revinia… A small peaceful kingdom at the ends of the earth…

One night changes everything forever… One mysterious death. One ancient legend. Only one chance to puzzle it all out.
Now it is your turn to take the reins of power! Who else is to govern Revinia if not the son of the dead King?

13 endings, including the true one, each giving a different perspective on the events and the impact of your decisions.
13 unique characters, each with their own goals and ambitions.
40+ hours of gameplay.

Unique gameplay mechanics, which will enhance your immersion into this medieval world:

  • A tool that will assist you in reaching the truth of your father's murder
  • Combat system, seemingly easy at first, but really addictive and well-thought out
  • Vivid and distinctive art combined with charming music will make your heart beat faster