Fall Guys Season 2 Drops Next Week

The Fall Guys Website announces an October 8th release date for Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. They tease this with a Season 2 Sneak Peek Trailer and here's what they reveal we should expect in the battle royale platformer:
Hello fellow bean fans! For a little while now, we’ve been teasing some tidbits about Fall Guys Season 2 which is set to bring Medieval mayhem and oodles of new content to the Blunderdome. We’re delighted to announce that the wait is almost over—Season 2 will be dropping on Thursday October 8th!

There’s still plenty of news to come about this exciting new domain of adorable dragons, witches and wizardry. But for now, please prepare yourself for…

  • New Rounds - featuring our wildest obstacles yet and new mechanics to test your beans’ mettle and dexterity!
  • New customization options - Nameplates and Banners arrive to help show off your undoubtedly wonderful personality.
  • All the costumes - expect the latest in bean fashion, including exciting collaborations and limited edition swag to keep you in the hottest Fall looks.
  • Party falling - never tumble alone! Queue with pals, fall with your pals.
  • And more - more, more, more.

Plus, just in case you’ve not reached the giddy heights of level 40 just yet, we’re extending Season 1 right up to the Season 2 buzzer. And as a helping hand, you will get DOUBLE FAME for all your bean activities up until then. So get to the Blunderdome!