NVIDIA on Latency

How To Reduce Lag - A Guide To Better System Latency is a new guide on the topic with tips from NVIDIA on how to fight latency with system settings tweaks as well as NVIDIA's Reflex technology. There are also hardware tips covering NVIDIA graphics cards as well as items like your mouse and keyboard. This is accompanied by a What is System Latency Video. Here's the intro to the article:
As a gamer, system latency impacts us in a number of ways: aiming precision, peekers advantage, and PC responsiveness. System latency breaks down into three key parts: peripheral latency, PC latency, and display latency.

Using the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer integrated in G-SYNC 360Hz Esports displays coming this Fall, you can measure end-to-end system latency, peripheral latency, and PC+Display latency. Until you can get your hands on one of these butter-smooth displays, you can get started by measuring parts of the latency pipeline using in-game latency stats in games that have integrated NVIDIA Reflex technology, or with the rendering latency metric in the GeForce Experience performance overlay.