Out of the Blue

As you may have noticed, the desktop version of the site is adorned by a variation on our logo today. As I recently mentioned, a discussion on the topic in the forums inspired us to look into reusing some of our extensive library of logo variants based on games and other occasions. This is the first of these, appropriately based on the first such variant from when the new logo debuted along with a redesign of the whole site back in December of 2000. The logo and the site design were both the work of artist extraordinaire Walter "2" Costinak, and it features the Quake player Blue caricature from his previous Blue's News logo as a transition. It bears mentioning that implementing the new design at that time was also thanks to hard work by Walter, loonyboi, Frans, Furn, and Bagpuss, since our current design remains an updated variation on much of their efforts. As for the revival of these logos, this is also thanks to the hard work of some volunteers. Readers Dave, Scott, and Steve all stepped up to alter most of the logos to work in the current version of the site. They put up with aggravation along the way, but cheerfully made the changes we needed, and this could not have happened without them. Likewise, besides being the critical eye to approve the updated logos, Frans provided additional programming to make the process of rotating the logos easy enough that it could be handled even by a monkey such as myself. Our archive contains 185 distinct logos, all originally created by 2. The games they commemorate range from the classic to the forgotten, and it will be fun to see them return along with the logos for holidays and other occasions. So again, thank you to Dave, Scott, and Steve for their updates, thank you to Walter "2" Costinak for the original artwork and for graciously allowing us to update it, thank you to Frans for making it so easy to use them, and thank you to everyone who suggested the revival.

Retro Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.