Call of Duty Warzone Bans 20K Cheaters

Vice's Motherboard reports that Activision has banned around 20,000 Call of Duty Warzone accounts for cheating in the free-to-play battle royale shooter. This includes a streamer who received notification of his permanent ban in the middle of a match he was streaming. "It’s rare that any one particular cheat will last long term without getting detected at some point," a former Activision employee told them. "It’s always a game of cat and mouse, people that actively use cheats should understand it’s highly likely you’ll be banned at some point and you’ll just have yourself to blame." Here's more on what went down:
On Tuesday, the makers of the popular cheat called EngineOwning, which players have to subscribe and pay for to use, said on their website that the cheat is now "detected," meaning players who use it will get caught by Activision for using it.

It's unclear if this is the cheat that all the banned players were using, but several users inside the EngineOwning forum also complained of being banned on Monday.

In a thread titled "Awesome, Until Banned," a customer wrote that "this hack was an amazing tool for getting to learn the game in and the maps. And after having stopped using it a little over a month ago, I woke up today to see this. I've noticed the bans going around, and the fact that the software was detected, but seriously?"