Crusader Kings III Patch and Stats

Paradox Interactive now offers a new patch for Crusader Kings III, updating the medieval strategy sequel to version 1.1. This includes bug fixes, historical setup corrections, balance changes, user interface tweaks, improved AI, modding enhancements, and more. All the details can be found in these patch notes. They accompany the news with some statistics from the 25 million hours players have invested into the game:
Lords and Ladies of the realm have spent over 25 million hours playing Crusader Kings III to date, equaling more than 2,800 years of in-game playtime. Within those hours, there have been:

  • 40,591,268 children born
  • 18,212,157 successful murder schemes executed
  • 4,364,279 betrothals
  • 1,543,790 prisoners cannibalized
  • Including at least one Pope...
  • 1,451,427 holy wars started
  • 716,369 stress breaks
  • 370,305 pets petted
  • 141,597 universities founded
  • 122,364 escapes from prison
  • 29,454 Roman Empires restored