Port Royale 4 Sets Sale

Ships ahoy! Port Royale 4 is now available for Windows and consoles, and the PC edition of the seafaring trade sequel are available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. This offers a first for the series, as they've added naval battles to the mix. Here's a Release Trailer with a look at the game, and here are a boatload of details:
Available in Standard and Extended editions, the latter of which includes a digital soundtrack and exclusive in-game content, Port Royale 4 is the ultimate trading simulator, offering a 12 million square kilometer playground of pristine 17th Century Caribbean scenery to both settle and explore. Players can create intricate production lines spanning multiple territories while fulfilling tasks for their nation’s viceroy to earn fame, accrue wealth and upgrade their settlements with an assortment of ships and buildings.

Those interested in a more action-focused experience can opt to attack rival nations, targeting their fleets and settlements while keeping a keen eye for pirates and other privateers who might be looking to do the same. Port Royale 4 also features a series' first turn-based approach to naval combat, allowing up to 8 ships per side to do battle with onboard artillery and special tactics unique to each nation.