Interstellar Rift Officially Released

Interstellar Rift is now officially available on Steam after a five year mission in Early Access. This open-world starship simulation for Windows from developer Split Polygon and publisher Iceberg Interactive carries a 20% launch discount for the next week. They celebrate the release by launching a ship design contest, and you can find all the details on that on Steam. Details on the game's evolution from its initial release are in the From 0.1 to 1.0 Trailer. Here's word:
Interstellar Rift is an open world starship simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multiplayer interaction. Space is vast and deadly, survive the hostile galaxy by inviting other players to join your crew. Or challenge rival fleets and fight your way across the galaxy!

Prepare to make these custom built spaceships your home. Use the ship editor to design a ship to your liking, from small exploratory vessels to large cargo haulers, or even enormous battleships. If you’d rather get going immediately you can always browse the workshop for ships that other players made or you can upload your own blueprints.

Key Features:

  • Build your own spaceship with a versatile and powerful ship editor.
  • Engage in challenging combat with other players against a hostile alien race.
  • Trade and mine for resources across various solar systems.
  • Make strategic alliances with various factions in space.
  • Explore and survive a vast, yet dangerous universe together with your crew.