Boundary Ray Tracing Benchmark

Developer Surgical Scalpels and publisher Huya announce the release of the promised ray tracing benchmark test for Boundary, their zero-gravity shooter that's coming soon to Steam. You can pick this up from the Surgical Scalpels Website. Here's word:
Boundary, the exciting new sci-fi multiplayer FPS from Chinese developer Surgical Scalpels and Chinese publisher Huya recently revealed the technology they are using to bring more realism to their zero-gravity shooter. The latest raytracing technology enables players to see the future of raytracing technology in today’s games and the added level of detail possible.

With the team’s aspirations to provide the best in-game resolution and visual perception in an environment where physics, lighting and surface reflections require different texture effects, developer Surgical Scalpels has embraced the power of real-time ray tracing to bring a more ‘visual edge’ to Boundary.