Terminal Conflict Leaves Early Access

Terminal Conflict is now out of Early Access, and Strategy Mill's Cold War strategy game for Windows, macOS, and Linux is in official release on Steam. Here's how this reached terminal velocity:
Designed to be the most accurate reflection of the Cold War, Terminal Conflict gives armchair generals unprecedented control over all strategic aspects of their campaigns. It is a careful balancing act that commanders must master as they attempt to seize victory while not overtly upsetting the political knife-edge of peace and nuclear war on which the world rests. A war that could desolate the planet. To achieve this commanders’ have at their disposal choices like sending CIA agents into enemy territory undetected, gunboat diplomacy with military manoeuvres or expanding the sphere of influence through diplomatic means. Across over 124 regions in 10 theatres of war, from the hostile conditions of the Arctic to the jungles of South America, players have a truly global scope.

To evolve gameplay and enable new challenges, developer Strategy Mill provides players with formidable tools to support modding and customisation. This includes a powerful in-game editor that allows players to construct scenarios for different geopolitical struggles or to reflect their alternative vision of the Cold War. In Terminal Conflict, players have complete freedom to tear down the wall and re-write history.


  • Turn-based single-player strategy and head-to-head multiplayer in the most authentic Cold War strategy simulator complete with retro terminal computer visuals
  • Era immersive, historically plausible events and decisions as well as 40+ unique historical leaders to recruit like Che Guevara and Margaret Thatcher
  • All aspects of Cold War strategic warfare at your command - from intelligence to economic, diplomacy to military combat across multiple theatres of war in a truly global conflict
  • Keep a close eye on the Doomsday Clock as the world gets closer to mutually assured destruction, with nuclear warfare capabilities at both sides disposal
  • Create your own history through modding and customisation with the powerful in-game editor