Iron Harvest Adds Ranked Ladder

KING Art Games announces the addition of a ranked mode for Iron Harvest, allowing you to harvest rank by clapping your opponents in the alternate history RTS game whether you bought it through or Steam. Here's a teaser trailer showing off some gameplay highlights from a preseason tournament from Gamescom 2020. There's a DevBlog #30 on Steam discussing the ranked ladder and offering this video on the topic. Here's a bit:
There are 6 Leagues (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master) with 3 Divisions each. With every match played, you will gain or lose SR. Earn enough SR and you will be promoted to the next Division or League. Losing SR may result in you being demoted.

To establish your initial rank, you will need to play a series of placement matches. Currently, we estimate that 10 to 15 placement matches will need to be played before reliable and fair matchmaking is possible. This is simply because right now we don’t have the data to precisely match you with players of a similar skill.

Generally, we have improved our backend matchmaking and we are working on solutions to continually evaluate your skill level accurately as it evolves over time.

We currently plan to have only one ladder combining your score from all multiplayer game types and factions, but this may change in future based on player demand and feedback.