The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante Demo

A playable Windows demo of The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is now available on Steam, offering a way to check out this upcoming narrative RPG from publisher 101XP and developer Sever. Word is: "Players are welcome to the dark and gritty fantasy world plagued with universal injustice and governed by cruel laws. A world that comes to life on the pages of the protagonist's journal." Similar to The Guise, the trailer is Russian, but again, familiarly, we have some details in English:
Sir Brante begins his life path as a member of the lowest estate. Deprived of every right and expected to accept the Lot of the lowborn — to suffer and toil away for the benefit of others, the titular character is faced with an eternal dilemma: to go with the flow or to fight and attempt to change his own destiny. What price does one have to pay to find their true purpose?

Key features

  • Learn from your mistakes
    One of the game's fundamental mechanics is its non-linear storyline where every twist of the plot depends on player choice. There is no single right path in this life-long journey from one's birth until true death, but sooner or later you will be held accountable for your every decision.
  • Build spiritual connections
    From the earliest years of his life, your hero's environment will shape his personality, determine his skills, and affect his willpower. Meeting new characters might hint at hitherto unexpected possibilities and unlock new paths. Only time can tell where a blooming friendship or a growing rivalry may take you.
  • Discover new plotlines
    The game's story will be forged by the combination of decisions, dialogue options, and skills you have chosen over the course of your character's life. Will you become a nobleman, a humble inquisitor, an underground mastermind... Or select a different fate for yourself altogether? This will directly determine your place in the grand scheme of things and your role in future cataclysmic events.