Mythgard Released

Open beta testing has concluded for collectible card game Mythgard, and is now officially available as a free-to-play release for Windows and macOS on Steam as well as on mobile. The official launch is accompanied by the release of the Rings of Immortality expansion, and they are promising 25 free card packs to those who check out the game. Here's the deal:
Mythgard takes some of the best gameplay mechanics of the collectible card game genre and brings them together to offer some of the most tense and strategic gameplay available in current card games. One of the game's key features is its unique take on the mana system - yes, being mana screwed is no-longer a thing!

Every card in your deck can be converted into mana at least once. Burning a card will place it back in your deck and provide you with the associated card colour as mana. This game-changing mechanic puts you in complete control of your resources, which often means you're in complete control of how you manage each match.

It's not only Mythgard's gameplay mechanics that sets its apart from other CCG's, but also the sheer amount of features the game offers.

  • A Complete story mode (a great place to start your Mythgard journey)
  • Weekly rotating featured decks, allowing you to play competitive Mythgard without owning all the cards
  • PvE and PvP Drafts that DOESN'T cost money to enter
  • 2v2 mode that requires tactical teamwork if you want to be victorious.
  • Full spectate mode (seriously, you can jump into any game currently being played on the ranked ladder)
  • Full replay mode (You can watch any one of your previous 100 matches)
  • In-game tournament client (anyone can set up or compete in a tournament, all in-game - this really is a game-changer!)
  • In-game deck tracker
  • Challenging puzzles designed by the community
  • A Full gallery of Mythgard's stunning art
  • Seamless transition between platforms (lose your internet at your computer, no worried just open the game on mobile and you'll carry on where you disconnected.