New Steam News Hub

A post on Steam explains Valve's latest Steam Labs Experiment is a new personalized news hub:
Steam Labs Experiment 009: News Hub is nearing completion. As a big step toward its full launch, this update gives you the ability to browse the new and growing collection of participating gaming and technology news sources, and follow those which you wish to have appear in your Steam News Hub. The initial collection of sources available includes top sites serving players across seven languages, with more to come.

More Gaming News Choices
Up until now, the Steam News Hub has been a place to find updates and announcements directly from the developers of games you play, Wishlist, or follow. With this update, you now have a broader selection of news available to you. Add as many of these additional sources to your personalized News Hub as you like. They’re all available free of charge.

Includes Briefs, Articles, Videos, And More
Each news source brings different kinds of news and content, including rich media, screenshots, videos, or detailed guides and reviews. Some news sources are delivering quick blurbs that you can quickly scan in the News Hub, while other sources include their full articles. Included YouTube videos are even playable right in the news feed. And there's always a link to explore more via the news source's own website.