Serious Sam 4 Story Trailer

A new Story Trailer from Serious Sam 4 helps set the stage for the release of Croteam's first-person shooter prequel on Thursday. You can preorder the game on and Steam. In the meantime, here's word on the game's story:
Serious Sam 4 is launching on September 24, 2020 and, for the first time in the series' history, delivers a story worthy of a blockbuster which elevates the series to a brand new level and promises an adventure Serious Sam fans have been waiting for.

Oozing straight from the proverbial feather quill of Jonas and Verena Kyratzes comes a story about defiance to an evil alien god eager to bring the Earth to an end. Serious Sam 4 is aiming to become a real B-movie of games, with an over-the-top plot, memorable characters, and – most importantly – heart.

"The first thing we had to do was make sure it was a Serious Sam story," says Jonas Kyratzes. "We had a lot of conversations with the rest of the team where we just talked about getting the tone right. It had to be funny, but not a parody. It's pulpy, but quite earnest."

"The Serious Sam games all require a strategic approach to play well. They're silly and chaotic, but they're not dumb. So we wanted a story that was exactly like that." – added Verena Kyratzes.

Joining John J. Dick as Serious Sam is a cast of amazingly talented actors, including Erica Lindbeck, Joe Lynch, Zach Valenti, Simon Paisley Day, and Wally Wingert, portraying iconic veteran characters, as well as new faces.