New Steam Community Awards

The Steam Blog introduces a new tier of Community Awards. Here's a bit:
New Community Awards help you show your appreciation with an even bigger tip to the recipient.

Use the Steam Points you earn by shopping on Steam to give the latest Awards:

  • Treasure (recipient gets 200 points)
  • Mad Scientist (for user-generated content) (recipient gets 100 points)
  • Mind Blown (recipient gets 400 points)
  • Golden Unicorn (recipient gets 800 points)

The recipient can in turn spend those points in the Steam Points Shop, or award a post to brighten someone else's day.

New Features
The Points Shop is enhanced with new features, including:

  • A new, tabbed selection window for sending chat emoticons, animated stickers, and chat effects
  • Points Shop item previews on participating games' store pages
  • A weekly email roll-up to Community Award recipients
  • A Steam profile avatar cropping tool, right in the avatar uploader

BTW: The Points Shop also represents a new way to get Trading Card items such as emoticons and profile backgrounds – you can now exchange points for them.