Stay Silent Released

Shhh, be vewy quiet! Stay Silent is now available on Steam, offering a wild west first-person shooter. This is a Windows game that requires a virtual reality headset, with support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. This carries a massive 80% launch discount, which makes it USD$2.99 through the end of the month. Here's word on the game, which sounds like it's inspired by Cowboys & Aliens:
One fateful night, a horde of vicious alien invaders descended upon a town in the Old West, and a fierce battle with the town sheriff ensued. When the fighting was over, the aliens fled into the darkness, leaving mysterious energy stands scattered throughout the town. But trouble is never far away – some nearby bandits assembled into a ruthless gang of Marauders eager to get their hands on the power within these otherworldly treasures. In turn, the residents took up arms to protect their town, becoming the Guardians. With both sides equipped with salvaged alien technology, the battle for the energy stands is on!

Western-Style FPS Action Meets High-Tech Alien Gear
Wield controllers to use up to ten types of western firearms and over a dozen interactive items in the game with real actions. Combine your expert shooting skills with high-tech alien equipment to destroy the enemies hiding in the darkness.