Minecraft to Use Supercomputer Engine

Supercomputing startup Hadean announces Mojang is the first game development studio to sign on to use their Aether Engine. This powerful spatial simulation engine is used to "accelerate the development of a single, massive-scale simulation of how viruses, like COVID-19, spread" and can also enhance games such as Minecraft. They explain this "is being made publicly available for game studios of all sizes, from independent developers to AAA game studios." Here's more on how this works:
With more people than ever before enjoying video games and going online, the demands on games to support large numbers of users is growing exponentially. Built from the ground-up, Aether Engine allows developers to augment both new and existing games with minimal effort and no disruption to players' experiences.

Craig Beddis, CEO and Co-Founder at Hadean, said, "We're seeing a huge behavioural shift in gaming, as more and more people want to be involved in massive, online multiplayers. Aether Engine enhances these experiences by providing games unprecedented depth, complexity, realism, and connectivity. That's been our focus as we developed Aether Engine, along with its ability to integrate with existing games, such as Minecraft and its highly engaged gaming community."