Free to Play Rocket League Blasts Off Next Week

Psyonix reveals that the previously announced free-to-play era for Rocket League will commence on September 23rd on the Epic Games Store. There are more details in this blog post, which discusses cross-platform progression, legacy status and items, Epic's support-a-creator program. Some of this will come to the game in a new patch tomorrow along with new quality of life changes. Here's a new Cinematic Trailer and here's a summary:
Tomorrow’s Update

  • Cross-Platform Progression Linking - Existing players will be able to link their platforms to their Epic Games Account. More information can be found in the blog post HERE
  • Legacy Status Items - Players that already own and have played Rocket League will receive their Legacy items
  • Support-A-Creator Live - Rocket League will join the Epic Games Support-A-Creator program. Beginning tomorrow, players will be able to enter a Creator Code in the Item Shop which allows Creators to earn 5% of Credits Spent when their Creator Code is used
  • Various Quality of Life Changes and Additions - More info found in today’s blog

Free to Play Launch on September 23

  • Epic Games Store Debut - Rocket League will make its debut on the Epic Games Store when Rocket League goes free to play! Players can add it to their wishlist HERE. Players who download and launch the game on EGS will also receive the Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail items!
  • Revamped Tournaments and Challenges - Updates to the Tournaments and Challenges systems will be live
  • Season 1 Rocket Pass - Rocket Pass returns with the beginning of Season 1! More details on Season 1 will be revealed soon
  • Two New Item Packs - The Endo Starter Pack and Jäger Pack will be available for purchase. The packs will contain:
    • Endo Starter Pack - Endo, Gaiden Wheels (Grey), Neo-Thermal Boost, Friction Trail, and 500 Credits
    • Jäger Pack - Jäger 619 (Titanium White), Apparatus Wheels (Titanium White), Toon Goal Explosion (Titanium White), and 1000 Credits