Boundary Benchmark Testing Next Week

Developer Surgical Scalpels announces an open benchmark test for Boundary will commence on September 24, giving everyone the chance to test the boundaries a multiplayer tactical shooter set in space, where no one can hear you complain about campers. The game will be launched later this year on Steam and consoles and the benchmark test will be offered through this page. They also refer to the test as a ray tracing test, but it's not clear if that's a required component. If it is, the Boundary Giveaway will be of help, as it offers the chance to win an RTX 3080 graphic card. Here's a new Gameplay Trailer and here's more:
Along with the benchmark test announcement, new details on game modes and characters have been revealed. The interstellar shooter will feature four action-packed game modes and six customizable characters at launch. Recently the studio unveiled the game’s Steam page and announced a simultaneous release on PC and PlayStation is in store for players.

With aspirations to provide incredible in-game resolution and visual perception to players, Studio Surgical Scalpels has utilized the power of real-time ray tracing in Boundary. The upcoming title’s realistic space environments will feature complex space structures and orbiting facilities for players to navigate through. Beginning on September 24, players will be able to participate in the ray tracing benchmark by downloading the game here. The developers aim to improve real-time cinematic-quality rendering, light reaction to surfaces such as reflections off player’s Astroperator suits, and more throughout the benchmark resulting in a stunning visual experience for players at the game’s launch.

The vast expanse of space awaits players in Boundary presenting a gravityless 360-degree battlefield. Blending elements of MOBA and FPS gameplay, the title will launch with four action-packed game modes; Facility Capture, Team Death Match, Skirmish Mode, and Orbital Capture. Facility Capture mode will pit two teams of five players against each other in strategic combat. Astroperators will have 15 minutes to exert their dominance by gaining control of key objective areas to earn points while also thwarting the enemy team from capturing.

Deadly accuracy and nimble maneuvers will reign supreme as bullets fly from all directions, in the time compact Team Death Match mode. In traditional death match fashion, players will earn points by eliminating members of the enemy team. Players will contend with threats from all sides and a variety of ammunition creating a stunningly tactical firefight that is anything but traditional. Alongside the Facility Capture and Team Death Match modes, will be the unpredictable Skirmish mode, which challenges players to quickly adapt when given random loadouts and Orbital Capture, a single-elimination mode, favoring calculated tactics and risk assessment.
No matter the mode players decide to jump into, they’ll have six diverse characters to choose from to wade into special combat.

  • Leeway - A deadly accurate sniper, Leeway utilizes an auxiliary arm for steady aim, and the ability to minimize recoil for a short time.
  • Vodka - A rifle-toting damage dealer that offers a balanced kit featuring skills to temporarily improve his combat abilities and a grappling hook to tear him through enemy defenses at a blink.
  • Spiker - Nimble and an ace of stealth, Spiker is able to launch deadly melee attacks and turn off electrical devices.
  • Fixer - Capable of turning the tide of battle with her drones, Fixer is able to automatically repair nearby allies and in certain modes, is able to bring teammates back to life remotely.
  • Shielder - An imposing presence on the battlefield, the most heavily armored Astroperator is equipped with a machine gun and ballistic shield.
  • Probe - Searching for every tactical advantage, Probe is a specialist at gathering information. Tracking missiles and detectors capable of locking down enemy signals round out Probe’s kit.