Fall Guys Cheater Island™

A tweet from Mediatonic tells the tale of Cheater Island, which is where they sent suspected Fall Guys cheaters before they came up with a plan to add the cheat detection used in Fortnite (thanks VG247). Here's a bit of the lengthy story, which is illustrated by a couple of videos:
I've got lots of spicy content for you this week - The Dev team have been super busy on the new update

For now...


Let me tell you a wild story

It's called

The RISE and FALL of Cheater Island

Tagging @Netflix incase they want to make a film or series out of it

At launch, we had some of our own cheat detection built into the game

We weren't banning anyone at this point, just gathering data carefully

We wanted to be 100% sure that our cheat detection would only catch people who were legitimately cheating

No false flags!

After we confirmed that it was working - We secretly launched

Fall Guys Cheater Island™

It was a magical place where cheaters could happily compete against themselves for the Cheater's Crown*

*Literally just a normal crown but tainted with a hollow feeling of guilt and regret