Sands of Time Remake: Original Voice? Yes - Original Musician? Maybe Not

A blog post from Jordan Mechner talks about the recent announcement of plans to remake his 2003 game, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (thanks Reddit via Ant). Saying "once was enough," he says he's not taking an active part in the project, but he expresses gratitude that he was consulted about it. He was able to explain what he cut from the game and his wish-list for the project, which includes remaking the FMV and voice acting. He says Yuri Lowenthal was able to reprise his role as the game's titular prince. On a related note, a tweet from Stuart Chatwood (thanks Reddit) has an indication from the creator of the game's original soundtrack that he has not been contacted about this project, which may just be because they can reuse the original music as it is. He says:
My original Sands of Time soundtrack got some great reviews back in 2003.

While I’m busy at this exact moment working on the incredible sequel to @DarkestDungeon they know where to find me if they need me.