Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show Released

Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show is now available on Steam, offering a Windows arena fighter from Rustic Fantastic. This trailer shows off the some gameplay and the game's throwback cartoon vibe reminiscent of Cuphead. Here's a description:
The game’s story follows the misadventures of Ed, a simple mechanic from the planet Earth. While on a quest to retrieve his own face stolen by a mysterious alien girl, he finds himself a pawn in the wacky world of intergalactic show business. The players must conquer numerous insane levels inhabited by bloodthirsty extraterrestrials of all shapes and sizes, armed only with Ed’s trusty wrench and charming smile.

Key features

  • Hardcore opposition.
    If he ever hopes to return home, Ed will have to crush all the monsters that stand in his way. Expect heavy resistance: the interplanetary abominations will shoot, spit, stomp, and electrocute you on sight and they aren’t above playing dirty either! Only your own skills can help Ed reclaim his face, restore his honor, and - most importantly - return home.
  • 15 levels of total chaos.
    Giant mushrooms, living volcanoes, violent chaos, and infernal drive - set out on a journey through the craziest of mind-blowing locations!
  • Megatons of Easter eggs.
    The game is jam-packed with allusions to action movies, gaming sensations, and TV shows. Prove yourself the master of pop culture and find them all!