Fantasy of Expedition Leaves Early Access

Early Access to Fantasy of Expedition has concluded, and this roguelike strategy adventure is now officially available for Windows and macOS on Steam. This post has details on the release, a complete outline of changes in the final version, and a thank you message to Early Access customers. A look at this game from solo developer LYM can be found in this video, and here's more:
Combat is a hectic real-time affair, as you strategically amass an army of cute, pixelated characters to duke it out with unholy invaders. Choose your formations and customize each unit’s skills and items as you unleash your holy horde on the demonic denizens of the battlefield. Fantasy of Expedition merges tactical thinking with the chaotic scramble of war, effortlessly combining real-time strategy games, RPGs and roguelikes into a cohesive fantasy adventure.

“Fantasy of Expedition‘s unique spin on a strategy RPG has been well received by players during its time in Early Access and we’re thrilled to finally bring it to a western audience with full English language support,” said Milk Bottle Studios’ Publishing Director, Echo. “Thanks to community feedback, this release offers more depth and polish than ever before, making for the definitive version of Fantasy of Expedition.”