Out of the Blue

I am not a big fan of fish. Or more specifically of eating them. I think this stems from my childhood when my grandparents used to make bluefish that was locally caught by a neighbor. The fact that the fish was caught in the waters off New York City is probably reason enough to find them off-putting. But bluefish are also extremely oily and strong tasting, and I did not like it at all. In fact to this day I cannot even stand the smell or taste of brown butter because I associate it with their preparation of the fish. Anyway, MrsBlue is very much the opposite. Her father was a fish broker and she grew up eating fish regularly. So when she decided she wanted to get a salmon steak I couldn't deny her since she generally foregoes fish for my benefit. I'll probably make this today on the man-stove. I'm much more tolerant of milder fish like salmon, so this shouldn't be too bad for me, but wish me luck anyway. I guess if I can't stand it there will just be that much more for her, so it'll all work out either way.

Fishy Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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