PC DirectX DirectStorage Plans

A post on the DirectX Developer Blog discusses DirectStorage, a new feature coming to NVMe SSD-equipped Windows PCs to "introduce a new era of no-compromise gameplay" (thanks Simon). They explain further: "With a DirectStorage capable PC and a DirectStorage enabled game, you can look forward to vastly reduced load times and virtual worlds that are more expansive and detailed than ever." They say that they are currently working with industry partners to finish designing the API and they hope to distribute a development preview of DirectStorage to game developers next year. They offer some technical details on how this will work and the following overview:
Unfortunately, current storage APIs were not optimized for this high number of IO requests, preventing them from scaling up to these higher NVMe bandwidths creating bottlenecks that limit what games can do. Even with super-fast PC hardware and an NVMe drive, games using the existing APIs will be unable to fully saturate the IO pipeline leaving precious bandwidth on the table.

That’s where DirectStorage for PC comes in. This API is the response to an evolving storage and IO landscape in PC gaming. DirectStorage will be supported on certain systems with NVMe drives and work to bring your gaming experience to the next level. If your system doesn’t support DirectStorage, don’t fret; games will continue to work just as well as they always have.