Apple's Epic Threat to Epic

Ars Technica has word on the latest power-play in the epic battle between Epic and Apple. Last week Epic sued Apple for removing Fortnite from the Apple Store for circumventing royalties on V-Buck sales in Fortnite. Now Apple is threatening to kick Apple products, including the Unreal Engine, off of macOS and iOS, and Epic has filed an injunction claiming the damage this will do to them will be "unquantifiable and irreparable." Here's word:
Epic wrote in a court filing (PDF) that Apple said its membership in the Developer Program will be terminated as of August 28. According to Epic, Apple's move threatens not only Fortnite but also every game that uses Unreal Engine: "By August 28, Apple will cut off Epic's access to all development tools necessary to create software for Apple's platforms—including for the Unreal Engine Epic offers to third-party developers, which Apple has never claimed violated any Apple policy," Epic said.

"If your membership is terminated, you may no longer submit apps to the ‌App Store‌, and your apps still available for distribution will be removed," the letter said.

According to the filing, Apple informed Epic that upon termination from the program, a lengthy list of tools and features would no longer be available to it, including software development kits (SDKs), application programming interfaces (APIs), and a host of other tools. Epic would also no longer be able to conduct "Engineering efforts to improve hardware and software performance of Unreal Engine on Mac and iOS hardware; optimize Unreal Engine on the Mac for creative workflows, virtual sets and their CI/Build Systems; and adoption and support of ARKit features and future VR features into Unreal Engine by their XR team."

Fortnite is currently available for Mac through Epic's own digital storefront, which does not break Apple's rules.

"This would be an existential threat to the Unreal Engine," Epic said. "The damage to Epic's ongoing business and to its reputation and trust with its customers will be unquantifiable and irreparable."