Total Arcade Racing Early Access

Total Arcade Racing is now available in Early Access on Steam, offering a top-down racing game for Windows. As seen in this previously released trailer the only way to make this more totally arcade would be to require a quarter for each play and to surround you with nerds. Here's a description:
Game Description
Total Arcade Racing is a fun 2D top-down arcade racing game where you zip around closed circuits. This game is a tribute to the old classical top-down arcade racing games like Super Sprint, Slicks 'n' Slide and Super Cars. ​Play with 8 friends on the same screen in various game modes.​

Key Features

  • 5 cars with different performance and handling (more will be included in the final version)
  • 5 Courses (more will be included in the final version)
  • 5 game modes (Arcade Race, Time trial, Endless race, Demolition derby and Survivor)
  • Local multiplayer with support for 8 players. Max 4 on a single keyboard
  • Global Leaderboard support
  • Local ghost car replay of best time