Dead by Daylight Crossplay Begins

Crossplay support is now underway for Dead by Daylight, optionally allowing players of the zombie game on Steam and consoles (but not mobiles) to play together. This FAQ has the scoop on how this works. Here's a bit:
Which platforms are included in cross-play?
You will be able to play between Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Dead by Daylight Mobile game is not included in cross-play. Stadia will also join other platforms at launch

Since cross-play is happening, is mouse and keyboard support going to be added in?
There's no current plan at the moment.

Now that cross-play and cross-friends are available, how about cross-progression?
We will communicate more information about cross-progression when we are closer to the feature release.

If other platforms have content I cannot access on my platform, what will happen when I play with these players?
You will play against these players as you would any other, you will see the content as they play it. The only restriction is that you will not be able to access the content if it isn’t available on your platform.