For the People Released

Publisher 101XP and developer Brezg Studio inform the people of the release of For the People, their "acute social novel with strategic elements that puts the player in the shoes of a state official." This is available on the official website and Steam with support for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This post offers a launch trailer and celebrates the news, saying "We put a lot of hard work behind this project and hope our players will thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you all for your patience and support - we couldn’t have made it this far without your positive vibes!" Here's more on this power trip:
Congratulations, dear comrade! From now on, you are the head of a small but important industrial center bearing the proud name of Iron-1. Your task will be to manage and rebuild it amidst the formation of a new totalitarian regime, currently faced with the consequences of the recent revolution, such as a deepening social crisis and an utter economic deficit.
Yet we remain confident that it is young specialists such as yourself, who will lead this county to a stable and prosperous future.

Glory to the Union of People's Orange Communes! Glory to Comrade Steel!

Key features
Develop a taste for power

  • Hooligans, ganging up on a defenseless old man? Lock 'em up!
  • It appears that grandpa is a veteran counter-revolutionary...
  • In that case, let the poor boys go... Pops had it coming!

Manage the appeals for justice from your citizens, grant or dismiss requests from subject departments, and untangle a web of political intrigue. Information is your most valuable resource, so do not be afraid to obtain it by any means necessary!