Battle Brothers Blazing Deserts Released

New DLC called Blazing Deserts is now available for Battle Brothers, the Windows turn-based strategy game. As we've previously noted, being big fans of Crêpes Suzette and Bananas Foster we're disappointed that this is not Blazing Desserts, but what can you do? This kicks off a sale: "To celebrate the release, Battle Brothers base game will get a 67% discount while the two prior DLCs (Beasts & Exploration and Warriors of the North) will get a 10% discount from August 13th to August 20th." The DLC can be found on both and Steam. Here's a trailer and here's more:
Visit independent city-states, fight in the arena, face desert raiders and southern beasts in battle. Wear new gear inspired by Arabian and Persian cultures of the medieval ages, employ alchemical contraptions and primitive firearms, and forge your own path when the fires of religious turmoil threaten to engulf the world in a new late-game crisis. But the new content of Blazing Deserts does not limit to the south, as new features such as the new environments for fights will also be found in the north.