Edge of Eternity on the Edge of Beta

A post on Steam has details on plans to the beta phase of Edge of Eternity on Friday. They explain what will change, which includes the price of the Early Access JRPG, which will be going up to mark the occasion. Here's a new Beta Release Trailer and here's how Midgar Studio describes the state of the game:
During this summer, Edge Of Eternity will go through very important steps. We have been in Early Access for nearly 20 months now and it has allowed the game to grow progressively into what it is today.

Our epic JRPG now represents more than 30 hours of gameplay, shared between six chapters (including Chapter 0 - Seed of Destruction, which serves as a prologue to the story). More than half of Daryon and Selene’s quest is already part of the game, and our small indie team is fully dedicated to deliver the final chapters over the next months!