Second Extinction Early Access Next Month

IGN has word that Early Access to Second Extinction is going to launch on Steam in early September offering the chance to put an end to the second coming of the dinosaurs. Meanwhile this post on Steam offers a trailer called Welcome to the War Effort with a look at a new community-centric game mode turning this into a cooperative venture. IGN has more details on that in a developer quote:
“The War Effort reflects the changes in the ongoing fight against the dinosaurs and ensures you’ll always have to stay on your toes. It’s a highly interactive, community-driven environment for players to fight in, letting us create new content that evolves over time,” said Second Extinction product owner Julianne Harty. “The War Effort is an integral part of how we’ll introduce new dinosaurs, missions, and more as a live service experience, and it’s a feature we’re excited to fully flesh out throughout early access.” As you can see in the trailer above, War Effort tallies the stats of player matches and uses them to alter the threat level for future matches, meaning you'll take on various challenging levels of dinosaurs.